Looking for a Specific Style?

Everything is completely custom made! See a style you like but don't quite like the choice of wood? Prefer a certain model but would prefer it Bluetooth instead? Have a shape in mind that hasn't yet been made? Contact me and we will work together on the entire process to make your vision a reality!

About Us

Ever since I could remember I have loved Gramopones but it wasn't until 2017 that I thought, "hey! why not try to make one?" and that is essentially how Baker Street Creations began! From that point on, no design was too crazy and every thing I thought of I tried to make, and still do! That is why there are new designs and wood combinations added weekly depending on what is available or what Ive thought of at the time. I am incredibly proud that everything is made by hand by me, Neill Nucifora and any customer will be dealing directly with me in the design and creation of their dream Baker Street Creation.