How do they work?

The Gramophones come in two models but many different styles. The speaker dock models utilize the speaker located on your device to project the sound out through the room giving that nice vintage sound. Whereas the Bluetooth models use a built in speaker and amplifier to connect wirelessly to any device without the need to place your phone or device in the base.

Can I Customize my Gramophone?

Absolutely! Because everything is handmade from scratch, you can customize all aspects of your Gramophone! You can choose from any of the available types of wood and mix and match the different parts of the Gramophone to create your dream speaker!

What are the colourful ones made of?

The colourful Gramophones are made completely of Recycled Skateboards. We collect boards that have seen better days and transform them into functional art. The great part of using the Skateboards is that because of the way the skateboards are created, you will never have two Gramophones with matching colour schemes, making yours truly one of a kind!

Shipping Lead Times

It will take approx 1-3 weeks from the placement of your order for it to be ready for shipment.

What type of devices work with the Gramophones?

The Speaker Dock style Gramophone can work with any device that has the speaker located at any position on the outside of the device. You may need to just rotate your device depending on the position of your speaker so it is placed over the corresponding hole in the base. In the case of some Google models where the speaker is located in the front, the best results are if you turn your phone so the screen is facing the horn.

For the Bluetooth Models, they will work with any device that is Bluetooth compatible. SImply plug your Gramophone into an outlet, turn on the power switch on the side, and on your device you will see the name of the amplifier under your Bluetooth options.

Where to contact us 

We can be contacted at bakerstreetcreations@gmail.com or by phone at 647-828-7666

Can I purchase in store?

Yes! We are very proud and honored to be part of the following amazing handmade stores:

  • One and Only in Fergus, ON
  • The Local Life in Port Dalhousie, ON
  • The Local Life in Dundas, ON
  • The Makers Marker in Orillia, ON
  • Concession Road Mercantile in Alliston, ON
  • Got it Made in Stratford, ON

What if my package gets lost or stolen?

We at Baker Street Creations are not responsible for any packages that may be lost or stolen after it has been shipped. Every package will have a tracking number that will allow you to stay up to date with its estimated delivery.